Jun 192011

Twilight Fans Italia was also at Twilight ItaCon2 press conference.

In Panel Room Hotel Futura in Casoria we knew a little bit better the four Convention guests: Charlie Bewley, Bill Tangradi, Guri Weinberg and the fantasy writer, close friend of Stephenie Meyer, Cassandra Clare.

In the opening, the event manager, Patricia Locche, informed us that the convention got the official character from Summit Entertainment, unique title in the whole Europe.


Chat starts with Charlie, about his audition, and tells us how was lucky to be in Canada in that moment. Another strong memory from New Moon was filming in Montepulciano.

For Bill there were any particular tough scenes in Breaking Dawn, because working with amazing people is the easy way to do everything, he would tell a little story about the set, but it is not possible. Guri jokes about the most tough thing on the set: Charlie Bewley! Seriously, he says that the most difficult thin was about filming something there weren’t because of plenty of special effects: you have to imagine the props.

The end of the saga for Charlie was different by the others two, because he was in since second movie and he could develope his character. For Bill leaving Baton Rouge was difficult, he had good times there. For Guri this was a great experience.

With a huge cast, relationships extra set are inevitable, Bill, for example, has contacts with Pat Brennan, Charlie Bewley, Rami Malek, Angela Sarafyan, Guri Weinberg yet.

Bill and Guri prepared to their roles in two different ways: first one above all to a physical level, and he read the books. On the other hand, the second one had to study Romanian, an ancient dialect, because his character is 3000 years old; for the “vengeance” part it was not so tough, in each one of us there is a little bit of this feeling.

Playing in Breaking Dawn represents three different things for them: for Charlie is a good way to explore different and fantastic worlds, for Guri it was the first time to play a “dead” person, it was fascinating embody a “non human”, while for Bill it was a great luck being involved in a such huge project, a great experience, also for costumes and makeup.

Impressions on Italy: Guri told that if Hollywood were here, he suddenly move: he adores Italy and finds everything beautiful. Bill is very happy about this journey, because his grandfathers has Neapolitan roots. For Charlie, as we well know, it’s not first time in our country, and he feels as home, everybody loves him.

Cassandra Clare talks about hoe she’s facing the transition books to movie of her saga: she’s cooperating with the production, even if there’s always some anxiety about a distortion of her work. Differently from Stephenie Meyer, her ispiration came from a tatoos album: she saw the runes, did some researches and began to develope the story.

It ‘s always a pleasure to find out more about our favorite actors :)

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