Twilight Fans Italia at RingCon 2010

Close your eyes and imagine to spend three days in a place surrounded by elves, students of all houses of Hogwarts, Lord Voldemort, creepy Nazgûl (which I have lost 5 years of life and some hair!), Vampires, magicians, Bella – Edward and Alice of all sizes and appearances, legendary creatures of all shapes and origin and very singular people.

Take a breath and now try to imagine walking through the long corridors surrounded by your favorite actors with whom you can stop and chat, accompanied by Celtic music played by fauns.

Now dare much and imagine to spend the evening dancing with them the Fresh Prince Dance or the Macarena, or take beer at the pub talking about this and that … You did it? Ok, then now you know what it was for us the adventure of RingCon.

We leaved from Italy in 9: I (Moki77), Pinkpunk83, Celeste Charlie from Loving Bewley, Alessia from Charlie Bewley Italia, Valentina from Alex Meraz Italia, Chiara from Twilighters Italia, Kiara, Carmine and Elena, All Smoking Barrels who have made recognize from the first moments and certainly no one will forget the Uè Uè Italian gang that has animated the convention!

Even when we arrived the first day, during the press conference Gil Birmingham and Charlie Bewley  have recognized and saluted us, then during the various panels have often made reference to the  ItaCon filled us with joy and finally – especially Charlie – have spent every spare moment in our company giving us laughter and wonderful memories.

The highlights that deserves to be remembered are: Charlie’s panel when he made the most absurd imitation of the Volturi and mimicked the hilarious skits, dance on Friday evening with the poses of fashion models in Vogue and the guys who continued to shoot us, the “MA IO TI AMOOO “shouted one of us to Charlie that has become the catchphrase of the holiday, a photo group with Dylan Neal (Blood Ties) who – to demonstrate his sympathy for Italy -  has pitted all the names of the dishes he ate when he came to our Country, the encounter with the lovely Julia Jones, the signs “Vote for Craig 10″ we got up  to make him laugh, the nightclub on Saturday night with Valentina and her “Scusaaaaa” tried to bribe the waiter to get more shotsto and Charlie that gave the best of himself entertaining us until 3:30 am, the concert by the very talented Jason Manns (I still have chills), and especially the last night we spent at first  in the hotel pub with Jason, Gil, Craig Parker, Kyle Schmid and his funny assistant Chris dancing the Fresh Prince Dance (I still see Kyle waving his buttocks, mmmmmm …!), singing out loud Queen’s songs and chatting, and then concluded sprawled on sofas to teach Chris the dirty words in Italian …

Things happening there would be millions, especially relating to time spent among us once more together because of our passion, but we prefer to keep them in the heart where they will remain forever. We returned home dead tired and without voice but also incredibly happy and this was the real magic of theCon.

To relive those wonderful moments visit our gallery where we have selected the best pictures for you.

See you at the next Twi-adventure! :D

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