Twilight Fans Italia at the First Italian Convention about Twilight

Around one month ago the first Italian Convention related to the Saga of Twilight is developed and us of Twilight Fans Italia we have not made it escape. In this space we want to relive and to share with you our memoirs so that also who has not been there can feel a little of it departs :)

Let’s start from Moki77:

When Patricia has spoken to me about the project of the Con I have wondered whatit would be jumped out of it. I was a little worried because in Italy these things are sights with distrust and instead its courage has been winning and we have had the possibility to live 3 days really amazing. I don’t exaggerate, the fact that was not a big crowd and that were almost all adult and calm people has allowed the actors to feel to really ease and to interact indeed so much with us!

Already the first day, to our arrival, we have been able to meet them for the press conference and the first photo call. Smiling and joky they have started chatting and they are not saved. Gil Birmingham had a leg hurt (he was operated then with success) because of a fall in the swimming pool and he has been the object of the “little darlings” from the present damsels. Every time that we met himwe asked about his health iand he laughed badly.

The first day flies in a lightning between photo and panel (I don’t tell you the show that they have done, they are really crazy guys) and quickly, us that we had the pass diamond, we are found again in the room of the welcome cocktail where we have had the pleasure to chat – to turn – with all of our heroes. Daniel Cudmore, Alex Meraz, Gil Birmingham, Justin ChonBoo Boo Stewart have sat to relay race to our table giving indeed us some amusing moments. The best passages: Justin that tells us that all are convinced that Eric (the character he plays) is gay, Boo Boo that makes us see his document of identity and Alex to the desperate search of bubble gums to chew that just received from me to me start to kiss my face(damn, if I could immagine it I would brought a tir of them!!!!). Other positive note: atmy table there were Laura of the Lexicon, Kimmy of His Golden Eyes and Cleopatra of Team Edward Pov that are revealed fantastic people. I would have listened to the anecdotes of Laura for times…

After the cocktail a little relax, fast supper and all ready  for the Marcus Foster’s concert that was an experience quite weird… Beh I would say exhilarating and surreal. We didn’t understand if he was drunk or he faked to be but he mistook the attacks of the songs and he spoke and laughed alone. His “ciao bello” has entered the history! However we have supported him with applauses and laughters and at the end everything  has gone for the best.

The second day has been the time of the dubbers Stefano CrescentiniFederica De Bortoli and David Chevalier that with their liking have cheered all the presents. Other photos, autographs and chatters with the actors and the evening the big event: the Twilight Ball. You cannot imagine the laughters when in the room of Pinkpunk and Anto21 we prepared for the event. All pulls to shiny we have gone down in the ballroom and we have lived them for sometime out of the reality. The members of the cast have arrived of us shortly after and they mixed with everybody, Daniel has stolen Justin’s camera and started to take photos and Boo Boo’s mother  asked us to approach us to him for a photo memory. Result: after alittle time didn’t understand there more nothing! Moment top the extraction of the fortunate winners of a dance with them wich has seen protagonist our Pink as chosen byJustin. See them dance a kind of awkward tango has been exhilarating indeed!

The third day has been the most intense for two fundamental reasons: the Charity Brunch that  has given the chance to some of us to have a lunch with them and regards and they final regards. The brunch has been fantastic because we are found again to a table to chat as if we were old friends, absurd. Gil has asked us what has bewitched us some saga and has given us his point of view, Boo Boo has honored the Italian cuisine eating the impossible and Daniel has revealed us that  he has two brothers that are tall even more of him! True fear…. The other afternoon panel and then the moment very attended that  has made tears to all the presents.

I know that they are kept to make it but a Gil that embraces yourself and tells you that he been happy to met you and  Alex that says that he will always remember your face and your eyes it doesn’t have price… The rest is normal life.

This shortly what I have lived and that I’ll bring forever in my heart. I renew my thanks to Pat and the whole staff of the ItaCon that has made possible this meeting and I gives appointment to all of you to the next ItaCon in Naples. It’s worth trust me! ;)

Here Pinkpunk’s tale

ItaCon 2010 – Emotions and Memories

“I was waiting for this convention anxiously: 1 – I could not believe, finally, also in Italy we had this kind of event; 2 – I discovered the Fantasy Events web site since its launch and I followed the situation developing, I saw the convention growing, it was a dream come true.

It was so weird being so close to Alex Meraz (my favorite Wolf Pack member just after Taylor), BooBoo Stewart, Daniel Cudmore, Gil Birmingham and Justin Chon.

Photo-ops, autographs, have the possibility to chat with them (or better…try to chat with) were definitely more than I could expect. Emotion tried to joke with me and my-not-so-good English did not help, so, embarrassment was…HUGE!

Pel and Kimmy (from Twilight Lexicon and His Golden Eyes) talks and Guests Q&A’s were so interesting and also funny (how could I forget Alex and Justin’s stories). But there are two moments I won’t ever forget: Twilight Ball and Charity Brunch.

Me, who was undecided to put her name in the box, was extracted from Justin. Me, who didn’t tostay in the middle of attention, was on the dancefloor in Eric Yorkie (and his camera) arms. It was an extraordinary experience, that I’ll never forget, and will be with me…forever! And, believe in me, listening to Flightless Bird, American Mouth, now, it’s not the same.

What about the Brunch? Join an auction, win and… have lunch with Justin sitting close to me and Alex in front of me. This is unbelievable, uncommon, stunning: giggling, joking, chatting with your favorite stars, could you ever imagine?

Stuff to tell is countless, feelings are so hard to describe by words, and, believe in me, remember all these emotions get me in tears. The only way to understand is attending a Con.

ItaCon gave me some gifts: confirming that ALL the members of the cast are amazing people, Robert, Taylor, Kristen don’t represent, just the three, all the franchise. Twilight Saga is made by the threesome and, mostly, from the “others”, who are stunning people. And, above all, this convention gifted me of awesome people: the management, from the staff and simple attendants like me. Stunning people who share with me a passion, call it madness, I don’t mind, I’m happy for this. Peoples who gave me a bed to sleep or the opportunity to write on a fan site.

Twilight ItaCon, thanks for everything!”

And to the end our Gaiab86

“Here I am to tell you the wonderful experience to the Twiligh Convention in Rome, that developed since 29 to May 31 2010.
Unfortunately for personal appointments I was able to take part to the convention only the day of Sunday, but it has been fantastic indeed…

Made the recording of the pass in the morning, we  assisted to the panel of the Lexicon and His Golden Eyes with the girls of the two fansites, who told us their unbelievable experiences on the red carpet of the premieres of the first two films…it’s beautiful to be able to listen to their testimonies, because they are fan as each of us coming from the other side of the world. The interaction is marvelous, above all to have the possibility to discover that we feel the same emotions everywhere we live..

Subsequently there was the meeting with the italian actors who dub the films, as always very very nice and available with everybody..David has been indeed a pleasant discovery!!!Chatting out of the hotel we spoke about soccer for around half an hour..

In the first afternoon the big moment arrived, the attended photo with Alex..It would have been beautiful to take photos with everyone, unfortunately I had  to opt for one and I chose him.. Obvious beauty apart, our Paul is indeed a strength of the nature: he laughed and joked with each of us, trying as much as possible to put usconfortables and making us to understand that it deals with normal people, guys of our age who live in a very particular way but very HUMBLE, nice and incredibly available.

The nicest part was the talk with the actors, before with Gil and Daniel and then with Alex, BooBoo and Justin. This last is really a cyclone!!! Each of them spoke of his own feelings, of the way he lives the success and of the “particular” experiences lived with the fans. There be who has told to have known girls with the body completely tattooed with the faces of the characters of the saga (ALL of them!!!), who has been approached with the excuse of the reading of the hand..and each of them had a big printed smile in face while he was remembering unusual but decidedly pleasant moments with the fans.

Daniel made the imitation of Donald Duck, and did grimaces while Gil was talking joking with him. BooBoo is very shy and while he was
talking about his emotions he was immortalized by his mom, who accompanies him anywhere, a very sweet scene.

Do you want an anecdote? During the talk, Alex had a good time fishing from a box the numbers of some pass that would have won one kiss from
him and one of the numbers was mine..then I have caught other two beautiful kisses…:-) but the nice thing is that the number of the following pass was that of my boyfriend!!!Normally he’s very shy, therefore I would have never thought that he would have gotten up from the chair, however told me “It’s’ the whole day that I follow you, at least I must have the satisfaction to shake his hand!!!”. Alex was a bit confused on the moment, but when my boyfriend reached him, Alex cracked a beautiful kiss on his cheek!!Soo funny….

If you had the possibility to take part to the Convention in Naples organized for the year next I suggestion everybody to go there, it’s indeed a very beautiful experience..and it’s marvelous to realize how available is the cast, all of them, and having the chance to interact with them..

Kiss everyone!!!!”

What to say? Leave also each other you one thought of yours or one memory of yours, it will be very beautiful to share them once more: D And if you want to see all the photos visite our gallery.

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  1. Celeste says:

    Bé ragazze se volevate farmi venire il magone ci siete riuscite…

  2. Pinkpunk83 says:

    Cele, io piangevo mentre lo scrivevo…fa te xD

  3. Lory says:

    Complimenti ragazze i vostri resoconti sono davvero bellissimi .. sono stati davvero tre giorni meravigliosi che non scorderò mai!!!

  4. Rhamely says:

    Ragazze che bello! Non vedo l’ora di esserci anche io giugno prossimo, ho già preso i biglietti… immaginavo fosse stata un’esperienza fantastica, ma leggere questi commenti così sinceri mi ha davvero convinto! Grazie mille! E spero davvero di conoscervi tutte l’anno prossimo, oltre che aver l’esperienza di conoscere i nostri cari attori!

  5. Gabi says:

    WOW…non vedo l’ora di napoli…sta volta è stata dura convincere il consorte…ma ce l’ho fatta ed aspettare giugno mi sembra una tortura….a differenza di altre convention (sono stata a 3 in giro x il globo) questa da l’opportunità di interagire molto di più con gli attori cosa che trovo assolutamente magnifico :) …. grazie x aver condiviso la vostra stupenda esperienza ;) …. e ci si vede a l’estate prossimaaaaaaaaa

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