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Twilight Fans is not a news organization, is not for profit and is not affiliated in any way with Stephenie Meyer, Summit Entertainment, Eagle Pictures or other companies associated with the production of books or films related to the Twilight Saga. You can take whatever you want, what matters is that you citiate the source.

The purpose of this site is to create a virtual place where all those who desire, can escape from reality for a little diving into the world that they love passionate them.

Here we can exchange thoughts, emotions, opinions, creating debates and discussions, stimulating and substaining each other.

Here we can get anecdotes, news and everything related to the saga and films that represent it and discuss it with irony or depths, depending on the case.

Here we can create our shelter becoming a great little family, but it’s necessary to respect little rules dictated by common sense and education that result in not using too much foul language (except when we speak about Kellan, Taylor or Robert muahahahaha), recalling that it’s normal to have different opinions and that all must be respected, not to take offense nor attacking each other and do not post illegal files, or link other web sites, that could damage the site a/o the users.

In order to make the moderation easier for our good moderators task, we kindly ask you to use the comments area below the articles exclusively to comment them. For your “chats” and pleasantries, we set up the tag board where you can talk about whatever you like :)

If we respect and help each other we can really create something beautiful, pleasing and designed to remain. Are you with us? Then WELCOME!

The Twilight Fans Italia Staff

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