Nov 092010

Dear vamps,

our sweet Anto21 was a few weeks ago at the convention in Birmingham, Eternal Twilight 4.

And she decided to share with us her experience by sending us an account of what lived in those magical days, all linked by beautiful photos.

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After Twiprom in Londra experience, I decided to attend another event dedicated to the Twilight saga and organized by Masiveevents: ET 4 ( Eternal Twilight) in Birmingham, a convention lasting three days. Unlike Twiprom, as well as the ET4 last a day longer, has more guest stars and fans of participants (about 800), which means that the possibility of having direct contact with the actors is reduced. In February 2010 were announced the names of the actors who have taken part in the convention, including Peter Facinelli, my favorite Cullen … I was very happy! Unfortunately, just as the event date approached the defections started, before those of Jodelle Ferland, Cameron Bright and Alez Meraz, and finally one that has saddened many fans of Twilight, “Carlisle”. Of course, all due to commitments on the set of actors, and therefore perfectly understandable, but equally disappointing for Twilighters. However, on October 22th I left for England. In the early afternoon I arrived at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, where ET4 took place, and I immediately made the registration. Among the four types of passes available, I opted for a Silver that gave me the opportunity to participate in all dances, Q & A and included photos and autographs. While I was in line I met Stefania and Camilla, known at the Italian convention in Rome and together we went into the dealers room. There were photographs, many gadgets, t-shirts, candy, jewelry and great shoes converse model with designs inspired by Meyer‘s books.

At 7pm there was the opening ceremony and actors invited were presented: Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Julia Jones, BooBoo Stewart, Leah Gibson. Little surprise last-minute Kirsten Prout also gave packages but in her place came Charley Bewley and Gil Birmingham. A total of seven players in the saga!

In the evening the first theme-prom: Bella and Edward’s wedding. The hall was decorated with tables, flowers, wedding cake, all of which had to think about the wedding party of Bella and Edward. Some of the actors became evident but were few in the audience. At the ball I went with Stefania and Camilla, and I have also found here Alessia and Eleanor, too, known in Rome. The party was nice, but nothing extraordinary. The next morning I spent dividing photographs and autographs. Gil Birmingham and BooBoo Stewart were very nice, they both remember our meeting at the convention in Rome, greeted me warmly. In the afternoon I participated in various Q & A that have been divided into multiple sessions with two or three players at a time. I relay love Q & A because actors are on stage, joking and relaxed, but also told funny stories regarding the achievement of the film. Gil Birmingham has said on several occasions that his favorite movie is Twilight at the moment, because it was the first, with a low budget and because C. Hardwicke did a great job. In addition, Gil and Chaske revealed to be friends a long time, Chaske said that Gil is his mentor. The “poor” Julia was sitting between them and the two “boys” have taken a bit of sight, in a joking way.

Leah Gibson who plays vampire Nettie, said that shooting the scene with J. Rathbone, director D. Slade suggested she think of “Jasper” as a candy … .. What transpires during the talk is that some of these actors are now friends on the set, which is like a family, and also seem very fun to do this job. Some have stated that the convention and the promotion of the film are enjoyable because they allow them to meet with actors who can not see on the set because they run at different times. Saturday evening another dance this time the theme was Volturi Ball. Twilighters had some very nice clothes, others have made the cosplay. One group in particular has played a crucial New Moon scene: when Bella, Alice, Edward meet the Volturi in Volterra!

On Sunday morning more autographs in the afternoon and the last session of Q & A. At 6pm, there was a closing ceremony with all the actors on stage. In the evening, even a dance theme dedicated to the Quileute which unfortunately I did not participate, because I came back in London. In conclusion, another great experience that I was happy to share with some of the girls known to ITACON in Rome….

You can see all Anto’s pics on our gallery !

Thanks a lot to Anto and a special thanks to Moki77 for the tag in the pics.

4 Responses to “Reportage with pics from Eternal Twilight 4 in Birmingham”

  1. Lory says:

    Complimenti alla Anto21 per il bellissimo resoconto e per le magnifiche immagini!!!

  2. Gabi says:

    WOW adoro la foto con Charlie siete troppo dolci, grazie mille per aver condiviso con noi la tua esperienza!
    Spero di incontrarti prima o poi a qualche convention ;)

  3. anto21 says:

    Grazie …sono contenta vi sia piaciuto. Gaby spero anch’io di incontarti a una convention, chissà magari l’anno prossimo a Napoli?

  4. Gabi says:

    E’ fatta a Napoli ci sarò ;) !!!

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