Like every successful novel also The Twilight Saga had its suite on the big screen meeting the  accord of million people and breaking every box office record for the movies and download online (with trailers, etc. …).

Here is a brief history that has brought our beloved books to become successful movies.

All started after Stephenie Meyer presented her first book – “Twilight” – at Little, Brown and Company. It was enough just a little to insiders to figure out that it had all the infancy could evolve to become a success, and in fact it was not long before a script finished in the hands of Greg Mooradian, the fantastic producer to whom we owe the accomplishment of the first film.

It was he, in 2004, to believe so much in the project to propose it to Paramount’s MTV Films campaign for being taken into consideration; unfortunately, internal changes to the major not made possible the realization. After a moment of deadlock, thanks to the tenacity of Mooradian and the support of Karen Rosenfelt (then ex former chairman of Paramount’s), arrived in the hands of Summit Entertainment, which at that time was looking for projects and which in 2006  acquired the rights to make it their point diamond.

The real turning point, though, was when the script came into the hands of Catherine Hardwicke, the director to whom the directors of the studio turned that neither cure the shooting. It was she who, after reading the content very far from the literary version (we only say that Bella was a star of athletics … O_o), imposed because he remained faithful to the original story in the book (which in the meantime already became a worldwide best seller, as well as a true cult phenomenon). The same Meyer was consulted and involved throughout the process, the choice of locations, costumes, dialogues untill the most important of the cast.

And the casting, at the beginning rather difficult, proved to be the winning weapon that allowed Twilight excavation at the box office and go right to the Olympus of the films that have shaped the history of cinema. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson – the young actors chosen to play the protagonists of history Edward and Bella – have managed to recreate (and perhaps amplify) the chemistry between their characters that has bewitched millions of readers from all over the globe and who consecrated them planetary star loved by an impressive number of fans.

The rest is history, that wonderful story that still fills our eyes and makes beat our vampire hearts

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