Montepulciano: your memories

In this section we have collected all the unpublished photos made by you during the New Moon shooting  in Montepulciano and that you wanted to share with us.

The first that we show you are those who sent us Debora and portray our heroes, Rob, namely to close while signing some autographs.

 Thank you very much for this material, especially from Chiara who was her stalking mate, hehehe ;)

These, however, are real gems that Massimiliano, one of the most likeable drivers who were involved with the players rode through the town of Montepulciano, decided to give away to Chiara and who took himself. When we saw Rob we came a heart attack !!!!!!!!

In our gallery you will see him also in the Yellow Porche ….

Another thanks to Valentina, we had the opportunity (and honor) to know on the set of the film, for sending us these images of hooded men, even in the company of director Chris Weitz and aid director Rocco Gismondi. Thanks again for having shipped Vale! Note Chiara: “I am very happy to have you known and I am pleased to share this passion with you.
Thanks again for everything.”

We invite all those who have images and / or memories of the set to send it to us, we will publish them in this space to share with everyone. We wait :)

We take advantage of this space to thank for the millionth time, all the extras friends that have shared with us this fantastic experience, and also all those whose names might we not remember anymore because we have only exchanged with them a few words but theystill in our hearts . Thank you all and. ..


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  1. kathryn says:

    i just found your site…….i love the photos and information-Thank You so much for sharing with everyone! Wonderful! Cheers-kathryn from California, USA

  2. Moki77 says:

    thanks to you Kathryn, is a pleasure to have u with us! We hope that u enjoy the site :D

    Kisses from Italy

  3. Chiara says:

    Hi Kathryn, Thanks a lot to you!!
    Welcome in our SPECIAL family!!!!:-)

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