Esclusiva da Vancouver

Hi guys!!! Here is the detailed reportage of what I could live and enjoy during my days in Vancouver this summer, during the filming of Eclipse.

Start by saying that it was a wonderful experience. I visited the city, which is fantastic and with a culture completely different from our own, extremely attractive- (something that I loved was going round and round for supermarkets because you can find things out of the ordinary! Very Cool) and enjoy the atmosphere of shooting, definitely to remember.

During my stay I had the opportunity to see some of the locations- including Bella’s Home- and the honour of knowing so many people, Twilighters and non, some paparazzi, and about them I would speak up. I will not be boring or go against but I can assure you one thing , they didn’t bother anyone. They did just their work, taking pics that appeared on websites, giving us all the opportunity to follow our heroes filling at least the distance between us, without exageration or being too intrusive

If I have to tell you all, I witnessed scenes where the real stalkers were fans, divided into small groups, especially for the neighborhood, in search of some actor in the cast who came out to the secondary exits, and not by the main, then call and reach the place where star was, stopping him for taking pictures and autographs. Understandable thing, but excessive and sometimes annoying! The paparazzi, however, simply follows the cast- especially Rob and Kristen – to know where filming and give us some spoilers about the movie, or in their evening outside, to update on what they did in their spare time, but nothing more. Will be that Vancouver is a very quiet city, but they were all really peaceful.

A curiosity: it was said that Rob never leave the hotel, because of paparazzi, but the reality is if he wanted to leave, even for a dinner, undetected, would have been easy for him and a few episodes (see shopping with Kristen shop vintage) are the confirmation of what I say. The truth is that there are mechanisme “advertising” ,difficult to understand for those outside the loop, where the stars are occasionaly seen in public by passing it as a random event and they know how to do. In the case of our favorites, for example, was always used the same machine with the same plate (which everybody knew) to be followed, find and photograph (no coincidence, there were always managers with them!!) If Rob, Kristen or any other member of the cast left the hotel’s underground parking in a cab anonymous, maybe hidden in the back seat, no one would notice, I promise you. I saw with my own eyes the structure and I assure you that had multiple passages and exits, more than a medieval castle!

Betwenn a patrol and the other I went to David Thompson School in the days they filmed the scenes where the school was attended by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene and all the Humans. Unfortunately no one stopped to say hello, but there were a lot of fans, then I fully understand the reason that had prevented them. After my experience on the set of New Moon, in Montepulciano- I was lucky to partecipate as an extra- I thought I go back in time though it was the next episode of the Saga because I was breathing the same energy. And then be able to see the cafeteria and the flags that adorn the inner hall, has left me breathless, it was almost like diving into Twilight!!!!!!!Truly unforgettable!!!!!

Here is an unreleased video, shot inside the set of the school, moments before it was closed and the actors arrived:

In our gallery You can see the entire photoshoot with lots of images of the trailer of our beloved and on our You Tube Channel you can also see many other videos.

After I have wandered here and there in search of locations, while I was in the center here is finally the first meeting with one of the actresses in the cast: Bryce Dallas Howard in person I liked very much) , who despite being of concern because she was late for the movie, stopped to take pictures with me first and then by a paparazzo who kindly had stopped to make some shots (she has also done a lovely autograph!) What about stalkers or snob stars! If you approach with all the necessary means were available and cooperative. I tell you one thing: pay attention to everything that is said around, bacause more than half of things are rubbish. Do not judge whatever. The truth is much simpler and cleaner that it looks……

After Bryce I caught Xavier Samuel (a boy and reeeeeeeealy available, sooooooo cute!!) and Billy Burke , of which you can see the photos below. Xavier was one that struck me most. He stopped and, took the pic with me by responding to the request with a mega smile and when I told him I was coming from Italy, he has made me an even bigger accompanied by a sincere and surprised COOL!! Taking the picture, I asked him if he could even make me an autograph, and even sat next to me while I was looking a picture of him to autograph and laughed because I cant’ found it….what a fool..ehehehe!!!When replying to my husband in italian I said “Love, I’m Excited, stop!!!” Xavier understood and made a mega smirk!!! Pretty seriously!!!Not to mention the fact that I was embarassed and when I gave him the pic to be signed he did some test before signing!!!!! Soooooooo nice!!!

Billy was less sociable but very willing to take the picture with me and….what about Bryce??? When I met her, she was run, (it would be to obscure my face tense because I fel guilty!) , and she continued to speak ..and walked toward the theatre, she made me laugh, I swear!!!In that moment she seemed to incarnate Alice, not Victoria, like a leprechaun and his voice drove me crazy..still beatiful girl!!! Really nice!! But Rachelle is Rachelle!!!

I saw Kellan, (down from the cab in the hotel , I saw this pile of mega muscles occupy almost the entire hotel door swathed in a white shirt clinging…ahhhhh) And also David Slade , while leave the hotel and ran with her legs 50 cm long…He’s a comic man looked like a midget , ran and looked back to see if the paparazzi followed him .But as I told you if you don’t want to be seen , it takes no time to escape. He was out a side door and I noticed him by accident because at the moment I was not on the side on the front door, where were paparazzi and fans. When I came back and I told it my friend paparazzi, they had not noticed anything. Here’s how to rub….here’s the video:

All the other videos that I could turn you can still find them on our You Tube Channel, where you will also find some videos with Billy who takes a walk with his family.

For the rest, unfortunately , I have not had the lucky to see nor Rob ( if not a nanosecond to get out back with a hood on his head as he entered his trailer on the set of the school) neither Kristen (which fortunately I have the pleasure to meet in Montepulciano). I was not always stationed at the hotel , I went also to the locations used for New Moon and I’m happy to show you the pics of Bella’s House, still covered, The Jacob’s House ( which is exactly how I pictured in the book) and the Cullen’s House (which is different from that used in Twilight as you know)

Both Jacob’s and Bella’s House were totally isolated in the open countryside. Even where there was the cottage of the wolf, roamed also goats and the place looks like just a reserve, trust me!

In addition to the photos here’s a video of the House of Bella:

Regarding the home of Cullen, however, was in a residential neighborhood where it was perhaps among the least luxurious and large. There were absurd villas with huge gardens! Jealousyyyyyyyyyyy.

On our gallery we have created a special album where you can find all the pics I took …. do not miss out!

I close with two little anecdotes. The first: one day when I went to Vancouver Film Studios, where I knew they filmed interiors scenes (I had gone there 2 days before) I was stationed (all alone) outside the gate. There were no paparazzi or other fans. I was there from 11 to 17. I saw, enter and leave, the cars that are usually based on the actors, but nobody has stopped. I was all alone, holding my clipboard and a pen for autographs, completely harmless! ( I had turn away my husband because being a man, somebody mistake him for paparazzo). At 5pm a girl came out, very sweet, (insiders Eclipse) who asked me if I was there for the actors (because she had noticed me, lurking for a long time) and told me that day had not come nobody ( seemed sincere, but I still do not know whether to believe her, because the car was theirs) and they were just doing the tests. It seems she had sympathy to me because before I left, she came back to me and gave me a poster of New Moon and trading cards. Really sweeeeeet!!!.

Second anecdote: I was always out there waiting when a van comes and goes in a hangar. From a distance I see that the car park where they are going, borders the back of a supermarket. Then I rush and try to arrive early as possible. Guys I think I’ve lost 5 kilos in force run … muahhhhhhhh!

Once I got a guard approaches and tells me to leave. Note: there was a net with much of the wall that separated the parking lots, and also rather high. The van was parked in front of the entrance door of a studios so I believed that there’s someone interesting and I kindly ask him to be there just to observe.To prove my good faith I gave him even my camera, saying that I took no pictures, which I had only to see them and the most, an autograph. I would be also kneeling on chickpea or something … you know, even if I had a pair of ears like a donkey, I also brayed believe me !!!!!

There were the paparazzi who had followed them, but did not realize the super position that I had cornered myself (sometimes fans are better than paparazzi…… hihi !!!!). Since I didn’t move, the driver of the van came to me (she looked like Heidi’s sister, because she had tails that looked like a 15 year old …) and asked me to leave. I tried to soften her too, pointing out that I was simply a fan who came specially from Italy and they would make a great gift to me if they had only made me admire them. Result? Until I left they didn’t go out, there was no way!

I have tried in every way, I can assure you ….. would be a great gift not only for me but for all of you! That day in the van at 90% was the triad of wonders Rob, Kristen and Taylor, because when I came home, Lainey Gossip in the evening told of some interior scenes that included the 3 main characters. It was just good stuff eh? Never mind girls, your Chiara did not give up and we try again on other occasions ….. You bet!

But…what a bitterness …….

Beyond this, however I can assure you that was a wonderful experience that changed my life and that opened my eyes to many things. I will never forget those days absolutely wonderful!! Thanks to those who could share with me all this!

Definitely something I will have forgotten because remembering EVERYTHING I have lived in 13 days I think it’s absolutely impossible, but I wanted to clarify a few things that I hope I have explained pretty decently!

Sorry if I have make longer too much, but I must thank my husband, a saint who understands and indulges my passion for Twilight. Without him, I think that everything that has happened in my life this past year would never have been possible.

A big thanks and a “I love you, my only honey” I think it’s a must.

To the next scoooooop!


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  1. Tanya says:

    Heilà! Quest’estate sono stata anche io a Vancouver (6 giorni) e scendendo giù in auto per andare in California ho fatto una “piccola!” deviazione per Forks e La Push… io comunque non avendo molto tempo, non sono riuscita a trovare la location anche se penso che il mio hotel era da quelle parti; in compenso ho provato ad andare al bar Afterglow dove era stato visto Rob & Co. qualche giorno prima (posto molto cool) ma non ho visto nessuno neppure lì… pazienza, in compenso ho visato Vancouver, città bellissima, ma lo stesso non si può dire di Forks e tantomeno (molto tantomeno!) di La Push.
    Saluti, Tanya.

  2. Lindina says:

    wow! che bel resoconto!!
    nella parte scritta in italiano ci ho capito, quella in spagnolo…..a grandi linee diciamo!
    grazie per aver condiviso tutto questo con noi!

  3. Merien Rileyina says:


    Sembravi un paparazzo hai scovato praticamente quasi tutti…DIO MIO, DIO MIO, DIO MIO…….SE CI PENSO!!!

    Ma coem facevi a sapere tutte quelle cose che neanke i paparazzi sapevano?? WOE DEVI ESSERE PROPRIO BRAVA!!!

    Poi non ti dico quando hai dtt di aver incontrato Xavier….mi è venuta addirittura la PELLE D’ OCA PERCHè LO ADORO!!!!! è STUPNDO E SA RECITARE IN UN MODO……. E POI BRYCE E GLI ALTRI…SANTO CIELO…E GLI AUTOGRAFI E TT LE COSE CHE TI HANNO REGALATO……



  4. rardCer says:

    Hello. And Bye.

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