Oct 162012

To greet you, tonight we give you a beautiful souvenir photo of Kristen Stewart, Chris Weitz and Wyck Godfrey in Montepulciano taken on the set of New Moon.



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Feb 172012

Twitter is a very important source of information, and, finally, also the mayor and more “present” producer of the series joined this world.

Wyck Godfrey has in factcreated his account, and we hope that maybe he can give us some little gem too …. :-)

Clicking HERE you will be addressed to his account.

We take the opportunity also to bring back the FULL AND UPDATED list of Twitter contacts of the rest of the cast, reminding you that Kris, Rob and Tay have always confirmed they HAVE NOT an account:


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Oct 052011

The producer Wick Godfrey is now one of the cornerstones of the Twilight series, having participated in the shooting in first person from the first film. He’s therefore the one who can give us some more information and curiosity about Breaking Dawn

He was recently interviewed by Sify Magazine, let’s see what he said:

Initially, Godfrey explained why he thinks Bill Condon was perfect to deal with the last two films of the saga: “With Breaking Dawn, it’s a journey into adulthood. It’s a very mature step for Edward and Bella, moving into marriage and sex for the first time, pregnancy, birth. All of that really speaks to finding a filmmaker who could help our young actors, who hadn’t gone through any of that stuff … go through that process. Bill’s work has always come from a place of maturity, I found … He’s always directed films about misunderstood outsiders. And I feel that Edward and Bella are misunderstood outsiders, in terms of what they want. And Condon’s work also has some visual scale to it. Dreamgirls showed that he could direct a movie that had a really beautiful visual style to it.”

Sep 202011

We know very well Wick Godfrey, the producer of Twilight movies. Two girls of TwiFans have recently had the good fortune to meet him in Los Angeles during the Abduction’s premiere and Wick has had a word with them and confessed that he and Meyer would like to do the commentary for Breaking Dawn Part One‘s DVD and calls on the girls if they have already seen the trailer. After the answer, of course, excited about the two shows to be very impatient and can not wait that fans can enjoy the film because it is his absolute favorite of the series!

Before parting greeting they’re taking pictures with a beautiful even with a “goodbye” to the next premiere:

So friendly our magical producer! ;-)

Source: TwiFans

Aug 102011

The producer of the film in the saga, and also the last two chapters of Breaking Dawn, Wyck Godfrey, answered questions to Hollywood News at the scene of childbirth has explained that the director Bill Condon was able to fit the scene so as to ensure rated PG-13 (no children under 13 years accompanied by an adult, of course with regard to America) for Part 1. These are his words:

I have seen numerous cuts,I think that process is taking place right now. We don’t have any word yet on the rating but I think we’re going to be okay. We’re releasing it PG-13 and it’s incredibly powerful already. It definitely captures what the book captures.

We’re very close to locking picture on part one,” Godfrey added. “It’s about what the other three are, about two hours. I haven’t seen an assembly for Part 2, so we’ll start to get into it in December.

Godfrey also spoke about piracy, is a few days ago that the Summit has identified those responsible for the theft of pictures taken a few months ago (our Gaia spoke about it a few days ago here)

It’s very important for people to understand that when you hack into people’s private e-mails and private systems to steal material that is not yours, that you’re going to get punished. It’ll work itself out. What happens with this, the material already got out. There’s nothing we can do about that. I do think it’s about just sending a message that in this day and age, you can find that stuff out through your own computer systems and experts who can track that stuff.

Menacing our Wick … but very dutiful words! :-)

Source: Hollywood News

Jan 082011


USA Today has recently managed to interview one of the producers of the Twilight Saga – Wyck Godfrey – and make him many questions concerning the construction of the film.

If you don’t want to spoil the surprise stop her,  otherwise after the break you can find the full interview :)

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