Jul 042011

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Jun 192011

Twilight Fans Italia was also at Twilight ItaCon2 press conference.

In Panel Room Hotel Futura in Casoria we knew a little bit better the four Convention guests: Charlie Bewley, Bill Tangradi, Guri Weinberg and the fantasy writer, close friend of Stephenie Meyer, Cassandra Clare.

In the opening, the event manager, Patricia Locche, informed us that the convention got the official character from Summit Entertainment, unique title in the whole Europe.


Chat starts with Charlie, about his audition, and tells us how was lucky to be in Canada in that moment. Another strong memory from New Moon was filming in Montepulciano.

For Bill there were any particular tough scenes in Breaking Dawn, because working with amazing people is the easy way to do everything, he would tell a little story about the set, but it is not possible. Guri jokes about the most tough thing on the set: Charlie Bewley! Seriously, he says that the most difficult thin was about filming something there weren’t because of plenty of special effects: you have to imagine the props.

The end of the saga for Charlie was different by the others two, because he was in since second movie and he could develope his character. For Bill leaving Baton Rouge was difficult, he had good times there. For Guri this was a great experience.

Jun 182011

Thanks to our super Mr. Fish here new great videos from ItaCon 2 to relive those great moments together :)

Nostalgia :(

- A heartfelt thanks to Carmine for the splendid work -

Jun 142011

It’s just completed the second Twilight ItaCon and – tired but very happy – we are here to share with you what we experienced during those three crazy  and unrepeatable days.

Firstly a big thank you goes to Charlie Bewley, Guri Weinberg and Bill Tangradi (now renamed BILLLLL) for their sympathy, to tell you on this page all the anecdotes and jokes exchanged for those who would be long and maybe there was too boring but we can assure you that these guys are really wonderful.

A special note we would like to dedicate  to Guri and his sweet wife, Tammy Lauren, which were actually the most pleasant discovery of this experience (Guri’s NO! with a finger wave will ben unforgettable). Simple and cordial they really gave a great example to all present and we never stop to thank them.

And now, instead of using many words, we tell you these days through photos and videos that will hopefully give a taste of what we experienced to those who unfortunately were unable to be present.

Let’s start with a gem, or 2 video in which Charlie Bewley law IN ITALIAN an extract from his diary of Montepulciano

And now we continue with many beautiful photos taken during the three days of our stay (those who want to use them, please do not remove the tag)

Jun 122011

We’re back here to live with you this new day at ItaCon2 that is taking place these days at Futura Hotel in Naples.

Even today we have for you EXCLUSIVE pictures that we received from our 007 agents on the ground directly by the panel with Guri Weinberg and Bill Tangradi:

These wonderful pictures! Thanks Eva, Moki, Gaia and Pink! Continue to have fun !!!!!!! :-P

Jun 112011

(The update is in time, so you will find an update after another in the order in which we receive pics)

IMPORTANT: Girls at the Con have just been informed us that unfortunately for a number of commitments Peter Facinelli could not be present at the event, so it seems fair to notify you if any of you want to travel especially for him tomorrow. We regret very much: the staff and the fans are still having a great time and this is always a time to share some wonderful moments together! Do not you think??

You would have liked to to attend the ItaCon 2 in Naples, but just could not have made it and dying to know what’s going on? Don’t despair, you have us here!

This big post will be constantly updated with more info, photos and videos posted by our Moki77, Gaiab and Pinkpunk that are there :)

Let’s start with the first pic shot this morning during the queue to collect the pass:

Lets’ pass to the first pics of Bill Tangradi and Guri Weinberg at the first panel:

And finally these fabolous pics immagini-gifted by Eva-shot during the first day:

Charlie Bewley:

Cassandra Clare, The Mortal Instruments’s author:

Bill Tangradi, Charlie Bewley, Guri Weinberg and Cassandra Clare:

Bill Tangradi:

Guri Weinberg:

Welcome cocktail:

I wonder how much they enjoy … and it is only the beginning!!!!!!!!! ;-)

May 292011

Hey you guys there are only 12 days to ItaCon 2!

If you have not already done it,  buy the last pass still available on Fantasy Events website  because will be 3 days  unforgettable: besides the chance to meet the actors of the Saga (remember that are Peter Facinelli, Charlie Bewley, Guri Weinberg, Casey LaBow and Bill Tangradi) there will be many activities to do together.

The participants at the Con will be able to enjoy games, prizes, workshops, meetings with fansites and much more (you can see everything on the FE Facebook page)! Here is the complete program (click to enlarge):

What are you waiting for? We wait for you in Naples!!! :)

- The Staff -


Apr 212011

Less than 2 months to the ItaCon 2 and finally here the official announcement of Fantasy Events with all event details:


From June 10 to 12 the acotrs of the cast of the series-cult meet the Italian fans

ROME – After the success of Rome in 2010, returns the Twilight Ita Con 2, the first Italian convention dedicated to the  vampire saga “Twilight.” Waiting for the final chapter to the movies, the actors cast ashore to Naples to meet fans form 10 to 12 June 2011 at Hotel Futura.

The “the bloody weekend” organized by Fantasy Events  (www.fantasyevents.it), will involve the public in the literary bestseller by Stephenie Meyer in a series of events with actors and other guests associated to fantasy universe.

The first five international guests who have confirmed their presence at the event are:

- Peter Facinelli (plays the breadwinner Carlisle Cullen  in the vampire saga, that Forbes has declared as the richest fictional character  after Scrooge), star of the TV series “Nurse Jackie” and husband of Jennie Garth, aka Kelly of “Beverly Hills, 90210;

- Charlie Bewley (aka Demetri, a vampire guarding in the Volturi Coven), a young British talent already loved by Italian audiences since the filming of “New Moon” in Montepulciano );

- Bill Tangradi (is Randall, a nomadic vampire ally with the Cullens), already seen in the horror “Murder Party”;

- Guri Weinberg (Stefan, a vampire of Romanian Coven) has worked in “Munich”, film nominee to Oscar;

- Casey LeBow (the vampire Kate of Denali Coven), in the near future in “Skateland” with “Twilight” colleague  Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen).

The acors will meet fans at a welcome cocktail, dance-themed vampire (the Twilight Ball) and numerous convention events including: panels, autograph and photo sessions and “meet and greet.” The full program also includes: karaoke night, cosplay contest, the fan club meetings and concerts.

The international musical guests are Lee MacDougall (out soon with his first CD in collaboration with producer Jim Lowe, after opening concerts of artists like Bob Dylan, Paolo Nutini) and Tom Bertram (artist English). The even will close by the Italian band Yavanna, the trio that has delighted the Italian public in “X-Factor.”

Un’altra saga fantasy sta conquistando il mercato mondiale, uscita in Italia per Mondadori con il titolo di “Shadowhunters” (per 28 settimane nella classifica dei bestseller del New York Times) e ha attualmente un film in produzione. L’autrice americana, Cassandra Clare, incontrerà il pubblico italiano proprio durante la Twi Ita Con 2.

Fantasy Events currently supports the Japanese Red Cross joining Fandom4Tsunami (http://fandomfightstsunami.blogspot.com/) and Twihards for Japan (http://www.edwardsmeadow.com/twihardsforjapan.html). The association has donated to the two associations the autographed photos of the actors present at the Twi Ita 2010: Gil Birmingham, Daniel Cudmore, Alex Meraz and Justin Chon.

To participate, fans can log on to the convention site  www.fantasyevents.it through touch mobile phones and  should be in possession of one of five types of pass ( seats are 500), enabling access to exclusive events of the event. Currently they have given their adherence fan from the following countries: France, Germany, Britain, Denmark, Switzerland, Greece and Russia.

For more information, access, photos and video of the first edition of the event or interview requests, journalists may wish to contact our press office email address: press@fantasyevents.it.

We’ of Twilight Fans Italia will be there so we expect you to know us and have fun together! :)

- Thanks to Fantasy Events for the official release -

Apr 202011

Apr 142011

Casey Labow (who plays the Denali Coven vampire Kate in Breaking Dawn) joins the already confirmed ItaCon2 guests Peter Facinelli, Charlie Bewley, Gury Weinberg and Bill Tangradi.

Please note that the ItaCon2 be held in Naples June 10 to 12 and you can find the final pass on sale yet. Hurry up!

Via: Fantastìy Events

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