May 302011

The Twilight Saga Official Guide still holds out the top ten best-selling books six weeks  later its release in bookstores placing at 5 th place as shown in this ranking:

This Week Children’s Chapter Books Weeks
on List
1 THE THRONE OF FIRE, by Rick Riordan. (Disney-Hyperion, $18.99.) The Kanes seek the sun god, Ra; Book 2 of the Kane Chronicles. (Ages 10 and up) 3
2 WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE, by Sarah Dessen. (Viking, $19.99.) A girl rediscovers herself after her parents’ bitter divorce. (Ages 12 and up) 2
3 THE RED PYRAMID, by Rick Riordan. (Disney-Hyperion, $17.99.) Ancient gods (this time from Egypt) and a mortal family meet. (Ages 10 and up) 55
4 THE LOST HERO, by Rick Riordan. (Disney-Hyperion, $18.99.) A return to Camp Half-Blood and semi-divine characters. (Ages 10 and up) 32
5 THE TWILIGHT SAGA: THE OFFICIAL ILLUSTRATED GUIDE, by Stephenie Meyer. (Megan Tingley/Little, Brown, $24.99.) A definitive guide to all things “Twilight.” (Ages 12 and up) 6
6 DIVERGENT, by Veronica Roth. (Katherine Tegen/HarperCollins, $17.99.) A girl must prove her mettle in a dystopia split into five factions. (Ages 14 and up) 3

Really an excellent result :)

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Apr 232011

Much waited, immediately we can find it in a honor list!

We can find “The official illustrated guide” of Twilight “by Stephenie Meyer at the fourth place of the bestsellers list compiled by” USA Today “.

Not that we had doubts, but it’s always nice to see the official news like these.

Especially because this wonderful guide is in good company:

the top of that chart is occupied by the novel “Water for Elephants “.

Definitely not give up easy to their positions … and definitely they deserve it!

Nice to see that everything related to this saga purchases precious positions after the sweating you do to get good results, no?

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Apr 152011

We will have to wait another week to hold in our hands the long awaited Twilight Saga: Official Illustrated Guide, but lucky Americans have already had the chance to read it and bring back some detail about the life of the unusual Forks and its inhabitants that we didn’t know….

Here are then SOME CURIOSITIES that we will learn by reading the guide … I recommend, if you don’t want spoilers do not continue reading!

— It includes a 2008 Q&A between Meyer and her friend Shannon Hale (Princess Academy) in which Meyer says Jacob was originally an afterthought. “Jacob was born — as a device really — to tell Bella what she needed to know [about Edward being a vampire].”

— Edward’s first human victim was actually Esme’s abusive ex-husband from her pre-vampire days. (Edward tracked him down and sought vengeance for his adopted mother.)

— When Quileute Leah Clearwater first turned into a werewolf, the shock of seeing her transformation caused her father (and Charlie Swan’s best friend) Harry Clearwater to have a heart attack.

— Bella’s parents met at First Beach, on the La Push reservation, during Charlie’s rookie year on the police force. They fell in love and were married within a few weeks.

— Meyer offers an annotated playlist of songs that influenced certain moments in the series. The description of Edward and Bella’s first dance as husband and wife was inspired by Muse’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.”

— The book outtakes include a section cut from New Moon in which Bella got high on Percocet after slugging Jacob and hurting her hand. “How’s your arm?” “I can’t feel it. Is it still there?”

Wow, a lot of interesting things!!!

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Apr 142011

And after the pictures arrived in the last days of the Twilight Official Guide they are these exclusive from Gazzetta di Forks that show us the two main characters of the Saga, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan:

Please note that the Guide will be released in Italy on April 21th and not today as previously announced! :-(

Source: Gazzetta di Forks

Apr 122011

Unfortunately, another unpleasant news for us Italians, and it is a slip of the release date of the precious Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, which we all look forward to hold in hands.

Since April 14, in fact, the release date of the Guide has been postponed to 21 April, as reported NewsLibri.

Please note that the book will be composed of more than 500 pages that contain curiosities and anecdotes about our saga of the heart, and will cost 16.50 Euro

This is only a week Twihards, let’s resist a few more days!!!;-)

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Apr 102011

Have you ever wondered how Stephenie Meyer had imagined in his little head characters of the Twilight Saga? With the release in bookstores, April 14th, of the Official Illustrated Twilight Guide we can really take away a lot of curiosity and now we can do it with this preview in advance!!!!

Take a look:

Edward Cullen:




Apr 092011

In the Official Twilight Guide could not miss the places that inspired the author Stephenie Meyer!

Today we show, in fact, the new pictures that we will soon see directly on the pages (due out in Italy next April 14th) and depicting the beach of La Push and a map of Forks:

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Apr 082011

And after the first pictures of the wedding dress for Bella in Breaking Dawn, another little gem straight from the Twilight Official Guide to be published next April 14th in Italy.

The book, written by Stephenie Meyer, it should satisfy some curiosity and our little “light” on many aspects of the Twilight Saga who remained, until now, the margins of history.

And the case of James’s biography, the hound who just lost his life in the early Twilight, and when we show you a preview today!

Imagine how the story will go right?

This guide will be amazing, I’m sure!

To see the bigger image click HERE.

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Apr 082011

In a very few days (April 14 in Italy) we could hold in our hands a veritable handbook on the saga of our hearts, The Twilight Saga: Official Illustrated Guide, but today we can already take a look at one of the pictures that we want to see more: BELLA’S WEDDING DRESS!!!!!

Drawn by the illustrator of the entire guide and even of the Twilight Graphic Novel, Young Kim, this is the dress of which we have all dreamed at least once:

What do you think? Do you like it? Is It how you expected??

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Mar 022011

After having some little gem in advance on the Official Illustrated Twilight Guide due out in April in this article some time ago, today we can add a few more small piece to our collection of information.

These news come directly from French official distributor of the guide: Black Moon.

As we mentioned before, the guide will be made up of more than 500 pages (524) and will be dealt with several issues, including: an interview with Stephenier Meyer about her sources of inspiration, a complete description of each character, a family tree, maps, a gallery of artwork from fans all around the world and also all the international covers, illustrations..

In short, a lot of other very good reasons to be anxious to have it in your hands!

Which part are you most curious to read?

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