Dec 252012

To all of you wonderful and nice users and fans of the Twilight Saga we wish you a wonderful Christmas with this video which we hope will be able to send you all our love: D

Merry Christmas and that your wishes can be achieved …

- The Staff -

A sincere thanks to our wonderful Carmine Pesce for the amazing video edit.

Nov 282012

Nov 232012

Hi Twifans! As you will have noticed – thanks to the amazing job of our friend Chiara Leoni (you can see all of her jobs clicking here and here) – Twilight Fans Italia has changed a little its aspect and this because we have decided, although the trip of our beloved Saga is ended, to remain still with you even if in a little different way. These years have been marvelous, rich of events and emotions that are by now indelible memoirs. We have attended New Moon shooting in Montepulciano, has “slept” in front of the box-offices to buy the tickets for the events, we have met and interviewed our beniaminis, attended conventions and – thing more important – known so many awesome people that have become part of our family. Yeah because TFI for us is just as a family made of precious fellas as Pinkpunk and Gaia and as they have been Valeokky, Lilly, Solsiari, Skeggia, Enrica and Filippo that have shared with us the beginning of the trip, Debby and Lorenza that have helped us in the hardest moments, and Lynette that always helps us in technical part. And obviously you users that have always been with us and have given us the strength to go on. Everybody together tied by an only passion that we don’t succeed and we don’t want to forget. For this we have decided to create “Life after Saga” or to continue to update you – even if with a frequency less intense – on our beloved actors and on Stephenie Meyer that we hope for lathes to give us some new dreams. All the nostalgic, those that don’t want yet “to release” what so much has made them dream can pass on our pages and find sometimes news and articles to keep on holding a footsie inside the world of Twilight. Let’s wait therefore

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you to continue this adventure together! :D

- The Staff -

Nov 222012

Nov 142012

Aug 302012

Hi dear Twifans!

We kept you company all summer with news and novelties and now-also saw the impending NightCon to which will take part the staff-we decided to take a few days off, so in the next few days, the blog will be updated only with the most important news.

Be patient and wait for us, we’ll be back Monday, September 3 in better shape than ever with lots of new news and curiosity :)

See you soon!

- The Staff -

Aug 152012

Apr 082012

Easter has always been synonymous of peace and hope and our prayer is that each of you can find it in your heart so enjoy a little of precious serenity.

In this day of celebration, of surprises, chocolate, full bellies and happy faces we embrace in a virtual, but equally warm hug that makes you feel all our love and our gratitude.

Happy Easter to all, therefore, with the hope of finding a Cullen in your egg!! ;)

Thank a lot to PinkPunk83 for her constant graphic work!

Mar 302012


Mar 082012

Today March 8, International Women’s Day, we want to extend a very heart wish to all Twilighters like us.

To all the Team Edward and the Team Jacob, to high and low ones, fat ones and skinny ones, nice ones so that their smile is like a ray of sun and conquers all, to those secure and insecure, to those who live between the pages of books and to those who are near us every day …

To those crazy that living life to the fullest and those quieter who prefer dream, to those who  are divided between passion and duty, dreams and reality. To those who never miss a news about their beloved saga  and those which pass to visit us only sometimes …

To those who we already know and have become almost sisters and those who we hope one day come into our lives, to those with whom we share all our wildest undertakings and those to which we tell them and listen patients, to our mothers, cousins , friends, sisters and women all over the world.

In short, a wish that comes straight from our hearts to you all because let’s face it, in our own way we are all unique and special!


- The Staff -

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