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Let’s read a couple of new comments/reviews from Belgian screening of Bel Ami (watch out spoilers):

PonytailStewHoly fucking shit. I’ve just seen Bel Ami, and HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Can’t think straight right now!
For those who do not want to be spoiled, all I’m gonna say is that Rob’s performance is extraordinary! It’s something so different than what we’re used of him and he fucking nailed the part! That man can act! (Not that I didn’t know that already!)
For spoilers —> read more
HOT, NAKED ROB! Do I need to say more?
Yes, we get a lovely view of Rob’s well trained but. *drools*
I swear I was almost drooling throughout the entire movie.
There were about three or four (Sorry, I lost count. Don’t blame me, this movie was too much to handle!) mayor sex scenes! (YES, MY DEARS, WITH THRUSTING!) The first one ‘s already after five minutes. Dear god, me was not ready yet. AND IT’S HOT!
And Uma, HELL TO THE YES! Let’s say she almost raped Georges! Hilarious scene though! Rob’s face is so hilarious, I can’t even!
I did feel bad for Clothilde (played by Christina Ricci) She’s an amazing actress!
And when George gets mad. ASdklfjqsmdfjmqldfjq, *Dead*
Rob’s performance is amazing! It’s so different from what we’ve seen of him so far. And I like it. Bye good image, ‘cause George Duroy is one smug bastard!
So prepare yourself before you go see this movie! THIS SHIT IS HOT!

bikinistew: First of all, I want to say that all the actors did an amazing job on this film. For the people who loved the book, the film may dissapoint a little bit, because they don’t stay close to the book. There are a few scenes that are in the film who were in the book, but it’s not so close at all. But after all, the film is really great. A must watch!
So the film contains some nudity, we all knew it was rated R, a lot of sex/kissing scenes,.. . I think this is one of Rob’s best films, simply because he really did a good job. The part where he gets all crazy and mad because it seems like he loses everything, may be the strongest part of the film, in my opinion. He’s raging all the time, smashing some glasses against the walls (which you may have seen in the trailers too), He throws women on the ground and so on,..
For those who haven’t read the book, it all starts with George who’s actualy poor and he gets offered a job as a writer for a paper. For this he gets the help of some beautiful ladies, who he seduices. Clotilde is the one he really falls in love with, and it’s actually cute to watch them play together in several scenes. Afterwards the man of Matilde dies (played by Uma Thurman), and he grabs his chance to marry her. After they’re married, he still goes to the other 2 women.
At once, everything seems to go wrong and he gets completely crazy. And after all, Clotilde still returns to him. The film ends with George marrying the daughter of Virginie ( the third woman he seduiced).
The film has a length of 105 min. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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Some lucky Belgian fans, as we know, already saw Bel Ami (click).
Yesterday there was a second selected screening of the movie featuring Robert as George Duroy, so we have new comments and reviews.

You’ll find everything under the cut


Jan 042012

Here are the first tweets and comments of the fortunate Belgian fans that have been able yesterday to see in preview Bel Amì with Robert Pattinson:



  • @iHeartBadasStew: Movie done. Me happy! Me am gonna scream of happiness. And i don’t wanna spoil but BEL AMI IS AMAZING! If you think JacobRob or TylerRob, you’ll faint seeing GeorgeRob!
  • @JeSuisLinnie: The film has ended! It was good and Robert was Yummie :-) #belam.  it was good and so worth the wait. A lot of sexy Rob :-) I’ll tell you people. This movie is oscar worthy. And Robert’s performance ís fabulous.
  • @Aeval_: The movie ended… hnnng Rob wasn’t lying when he said his buttcrack was in this movie #BelAm. I’ll give the rest of my thoughts on the movie when I’m at home but Rob was suuuper sexy. full ass actually LOL Oh and AngryRob is such a turn on hnng


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I (Moki77) and Gaia last night we had the opportunity to attend the preview release of Water for Elephants and we decided to share our views with you all.

If you don’t want to be influenced stop here, otherwise after the break you can find our review :)

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The highly anticipated film “Water for Elephants” has already received several reviews after the release of the first trailers, today we read some related in particular to the third (which is actually the second with a little more frames):

From Entertainment Weekly
Another new trailer for Water for Elephants has hit and the big guns are out: Mainly, a glimpse of at least one forbidden sex scene between veterinarian Robert Pattinson and married, abused circus performer Reese Witherspoon. Watching it, I have to say I’m excited for Pattinson, who gets to show a far wider range of emotions than he does in the Twilight movies or Remember Me. He looks up to the challenge, even if his breathy voice at one point (“You’re a beautiful woman… “) sounds a little Brando to me.

From MTV
Forget the second trailer’s chaste kiss, we have groping, people! Sure, it’s just a quick few frames, but it’s definitely H.O.T.

From MetroWNY
This is the third trailer for WFE so far, and it may have been the best. With Rob doing the narration, and with a couple of sex scenes highlighted, it was definitely a good one.

From Hey U Guys
These trailers do a damn fine job of selling the film to me. There’s definitely something about Christoph Waltz and I’m hoping the film makes the most of the man.

From Gather
This trailer is particularly enjoyable because it showcases a couple of quick love scenes between Robert Pattinson and his costar, Reese Witherspoon!

His performance in this film could put him in place to receive some award nominations, which would be awesome for him.

The impression seems to be very good … what do you say???

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