Nov 152012

PhotobucketYesterday in London Robert Pattinson held a curious webchat with Glamour UK.


- Loyal, keen, voracious RT @angel_swan_18 Des Twilight fans in 3 words #GlamourRob

- I like the fog one RT @avantika97 #GlamourRob In #BD2, new vampire powers have been introduced, which 1 do u like the most?

- I think I was, but Peter is the only one that paid! RT @KateEDonnelly Who was fined the most money for swearing? #GlamourRob

- Taylor I think RT @thew4llflower #GlamourRob Who would survive the longest in I’m a celebrity, u, Kristen or Taylor?

- Depends who the woman is… Either way, it will be offensive. RT @FirstClassKris What’s the 1st thing you notice about a woman?

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- Taylor’s imprinting scene – the funniest & saddest RT @vale55dc which scene was the funniest to shoot & which 1 was the saddest? #GlamourRob

- A little sun round my belly button like Sisqo RT @ropebert If you got a tattoo what would it b & why? #GlamourRob

- They love each other v much RT @Dennniii Do Bear & Bernie fight often or are they good friends? #GlamourRob

- Depends on if they want to RT @somedayrk Will you read your kids Twilight? #GlamourRob

- I would love it if he had a six pack RT @KateFlor90 Tell us 1 characteristic you’d change about Ed & one you’d love to have? #GlamourRob

- Me! Because I’m a better than everyone RT @TARAISANINJA if the chars of Twilight were in The Hunger Games who would win & why? #GlamourRob

- Marmite and Baked Beans RT @PurpleHayley #GlamourRob When your parents visit you in LA, is there 1 thing you ask them to bring from the UK?

- Yes, I think. RT @aarushiganju Do you believe in soulmates? @GlamourMagUK #GlamourRob

- I want to be a Lord or Your Eminence RT @eleanorford #GlamourRob If you keep on acting would you like to get a Knighthood some day? Sir Rob?

- I do have a stylist, but I pick what I wear RT @contagiously do u pick out what to wear or do u have a stylist? #GlamourRob

- There’s a scene where she jumps up into my arms RT @emmylovesrob What’s your fave scene with Mackenzie? #GlamourRob

- Depends what you consider fortune. RT @mzstaylorxx #GlamourRob is all the fame & fortune worth having no privacy in ur life?

- Someone who works at Nandos RT @Amy_Elizabeth30: #GlamourRob If you could swap lives with someone for one day.. who would you be?

So funny!!!!!!

On the source you can find more pics.

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Nov 142012

Two new interviews from black carpet at the premiere of Breaking Dawn 2 in Los Angeles.

Stephenie Meyer interview for MTV:

Mackenzie Foy interviewed by Access Hollywood:

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Nov 142012

More interviews from Breaking Dawn 2 black carpet yesterday night in Los Angeles! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

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Nov 022012

Yesterday Breaking Dawn 2 press conference is hels and obviously the cast has realized also some interview with some exponents of international sites as Access Hollywood and ET:

Robert Pattinson:

Kristen Stewart:

Taylor Lautner:

ET (here more images)


Source: Diario Twilight 1-2

Nov 012012

PhotobucketIt’s press time for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, and to start Stephenie Meyer has stepped up to do a little damage control on a few major recent headlines.

Speaking to MTV in an all-new interview released this morning, Meyer addressed three major Twilight Saga rumors:

On the “bonus scene” teased by Kellan Lutz: “That’s actually incorrect. What they’ve been talking about will be in DVD extras I assume but it’s not in the credits. There is no extra scene.”

On Robert Pattinson calling the sex scene for this one “ridiculous”: “I think he was talking about how it was so hard to keep a straight face … there are 40 people in the room and most of them are inches away from you … it’s a testament to their acting ability that you don’t see any of that in that moment at all.”

On news of a potential spinoff: “I’ve had no conversations to that effect at all. I’ve seen a couple things about it but it’s really not anything I’ve heard about personally … It seems like that there should be some time, a resting period before that kind of thing comes up but I know they have a different way of looking at things and I’m sure it will be discussed. I’m always open to conversation.”

Read the full interview on MTV.

Source: Examiner

Oct 302012

New interview with Peter:

In third grade, Peter Facinelli saw “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” and thought he would enjoy acting.

“I said, ‘Those guys look like they’re having fun and I want do that’,” he said. 

But he didn’t take a stage until college, and broke onto the screen in 1995. Today, the 39-year-old is raising three children, raising money for cancer research and starring in the Showtime series “Nurse Jackie.”

And not everyone at autograph signings recognizes him from “Twilight.”

“I’m always surprised at the DVDs that they pull out,” he said, including “Dancer, Texas Pop. 81″; “Can’t Hardly Wait”; “Scorpion King” and “Supernova.”

At first, Facinelli was interested in the “Twilight” series because he did not want to act in a gory vampire film. Then he read the books.

“I was thinking blood and guts. It was a love story against a vampire backdrop,” Facinelli said.

“It’s been such a fun thing for me. I can’t believe we shot five movies. I’m actually excited to see the final one,” he added. “It was such a fantastic time in my life. I had so much fun playing my character.”

Facinelli particularly enjoyed filming “Twilight: Eclipse” because of the action scenes.

He recalled how the running scenes were filmed in the movies. Meyer’s vampires have superspeed and super strength.

“They would have these treadmills that were pulled by trucks,” he said. “It’s kind of scary.”

While the actor enjoys action films, he prefers variety. When he’s finished doing a dark movie, he wants to do a comedy.

Facinelli recently finished shooting a horror movie in Colombia, and has gone behind the camera and formed his own production company. He’s written three screenplays, one of which starred Jaimie Alexander and Michael Madsen called “Loosies.” 

Still, he doesn’t mind recognition from any of his films. “I always hoped that when you do a film it stands the test of time,” he said. “If a movie makes an impact, you’re flattered.”

He gets a lot of recognition from his jock character Mike Dexter in “Can’t Hardly Wait” in addition to “Twilight.”

He made “Can’t Hardly Wait” in 1997, five years after his high school graduation. “It wasn’t that hard. High school still scars people for years to come.”

He’s also enjoying his latest project, “Nurse Jackie” on Showtime. “I get to work with Edie Falco, who’s wonderful.”

Facinelli also admires actors who can jump between movie genres, such as Gary Oldman, Daniel Day-Lewis, Sean Penn, Johnny Depp and Woody Harrelson.

While he enjoyed making “Twilight,” he said he doesn’t want to be typecast as a vampire.

“I was thankful that I had a body of work before ‘Twilight,’” Facinelli said. 

The actor, meanwhile, wants to pursue more behind-the-scenes work in addition to screentime.

And finally, he answered one burning question probably on the minds of many science fiction fans: Who would win in a battle between vampires and zombies? 

“They’re both kind of dead, so I don’t think there are any winners,” he said.

The final installment of “Twilight” opens Nov. 16.

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Oct 192012

Scans of the article-interview with Kristen Stewart by Vanity Fair Italy

image host

image host

Here’s the translation:

I’ve never seen a muse so into her role and an artist so inspired. The dangerous relationship between Kristen Stewart and Nicolas Ghesquiére, started for pure interest, as often happens between an Hollywood actress and a successful designer.. “it could have left no trace on me, instead it changed my life”, Kristen tells to Vanity Fair, in a suite at the Bristol Hotel in Paris, looking at Nicolas.
How did you meet each other?
K: I accepted this collaboration, following my instinct, as I always do. Then he got me involved completely. I forgot that I was american, 22, and I found another world and culture; I started dreaming and I felt my body changing: I was becoming a real woman, in the capable hands of someone that guided me.
N: I didn’t want to do a “masquerade”, I wanted her, flesh and blood, with all the emotional baggage that I could get from her. I wanted her to be a “femme” and bold in her choices.
Kristen Stewart succeeded to Charlotte Gainsbourg, as “égérie” of the Balenciaga fragrances. Why do you always choose these kind of women, with an unconventional femininity, slim and without the conventionally classic body?
N: Charlotte and Kristen are perfect for my creations, powerful muses that aren’t afraid of anything.
K: It’s true that I’m not a safe-kind of girl, nor constant and certainly I don’t like to take the easy way. I like challenges that create the right energy for perfect interactions. I’m pathologically curious, I’m attracted to anything that is different.
In what is different Nicolas?
K: I grew up in a simple family, while he was born with that “elegance” that has always been part of him. Through our collaboration, I learned many things about my seduction power and more importantly about the importance of the right fragrance or dress, to point out certain parts of myself.
And you Nicolas, what about Kristen attracted you the most?
N: A creator is like a prince charming, in perpetual search of his dream princess, that is able to inspire his creative fantasies. Kristen was perfect for it. I created Florabotanica for her and her presence was essential for many other creative processes.
What did this experience leave you?
K: I considered Florabotanica kind of a passport for the adulthood, where women can seduce for real.

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Oct 192012

Last night Kristen Stewart participated on a live interview for Florabotanica and finally, for those who could not see her live, we are invited to enjoy the full video, with lots of screencaps:




More screencaps on the source.

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Oct 142012

PhotobucketNew interview with a Breaking Dawn 2 cast member with fansites. This week it’ Erik Odom, turn, nomad Peter.

Q: When you walked into Comic-Con [at the end of the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 cast panel], you got some of the biggest shouts out of all the newcomers. How did that feel?

Erik: It was unbelievable. The only thing I could say it compared to was the Part 1 premiere when I walked down the red carpet. It’s just, you try to prepare yourself for it as much as you can, you know maybe the response will be big but maybe it won’t, you try to be ready for everything … but when it hits you, your knees buckle. I mean my knees buckled. It’s one of the craziest, craziest things. But the fanbase has always been so enthusiastic, so passionate. And I think part of it has always been a combination of people loving the character Peter and just also being on Twitter and being on Facebook and having fans reach out, just trying to interact as much as possible and including the fans as much as you can, you know. Because the fans are what make the fandom what it is..

Q: People love Peter, but they also love Peter with Charlotte. Their relationship’s really special, and I know that that’s something we hope to see on-screen, and I was wondering how far in advance did you meet Valorie [Curry], and you know make it into a rhythm with her and feel like you could portray that on-screen?

Erik: What was great about Valorie, even more so than a lot of the other vampires who I met once we went to Louisiana together, I actually – I didn’t know her personally, but we had a lot of mutual friends in Los Angeles – so through the small world of Facebook, we were able to link up after the whole casting announcement came up, and we actually grabbed lunch before we even started filming, before we left. So, we went to a place in L.A., sat down for about two hours, and after the initial twenty minutes of ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m a part of this; Oh my God I can’t believe I’m a part of this!’ After twenty minutes of us geeking out together about how cool it was, we really dug in and talked about Peter and Charlotte’s relationship and their relationship to the other vampires. You know, because the covens are such an interesting thing, they call the nomads a coven but really it’s Peter and Charlotte versus the world. You know, so we talked about really diving into the relationship, back to Maria [in Eclipse] and back to the newborn army and their relationship with Alice and Jasper, and it was just nice that by the time we got to Louisiana together, we already had the seeds of this relationship planted, you know? It was really nice. I love Valorie.

Q: How much of that backstory do you think will make it onto the film??

Oct 092012

Remember those hilarious moments between Jacob and Rosalie present in the book but not included in Breaking Dawn Part1 movie? Speaking to MTV, the beautiful Nikki Reed spoke about it, leaving some hope for the possible extras on the DVD …

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