May 052011

Given the huge demand here are the photos published yesterday, this time with smaller tag so you can see them in all their glory! ;)

May 042011

Not only stuff we found on the web, as you know, Twilight Fans Italia got “live” some pictures thanks to Cam & Stefy.

Our friends, came back to Italy and quickly send us a selection of photos they took during the premiere, Reese and Christoph included!

First one features Cam with Robert :D :

And the others…

And they continue…

May 032011

A new image from London on preparations for the interviews on the red carpet:

Thanks again Camy&Stefy….;-*


And here’s more! Our girls tell us that there are less people than expected, there are several Italian girls, two in Cyprus and the rest British. All are waiting to see Rob :)


The winning couple Cam & Stefy – our correspondent on the red carpet at the London premiere of Water For Elephants – send us new images of the event. It ‘s all ready for tonight!!

See u at the next update :)


Feb 022011

Four main Twilight Italian fan sitesincluding us of Twilight Fans Italia - had the amazing opportunity to interview Vampires Suck leading man, Matt Lanter, during his Italian journey, thanks to 20th Century Fox.

Meeting was on 29th January, in the late morning, at Principe di Savoia hotel in Milan.

I had the honor to interview him and I have to thank Moki77 for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Excitement was huge an I tried to control it with some friend chats and taking a picture with our Meet&Greet contest winner Sara, Moki77 and myself:

Before watching video, let’s see this nice pic of Matt and fan sites representatives:

Stop talking and let’s watch the video:

Thanks to Carmine for video editing.

So, a good interview!

Matt is extremely kind and nice!

- I wanna thank 20th Century Fox and MilleEventi for giving us this fantastic opportunity -

Jan 312011

The lovely Sara Nanni – who won our contest to meet Matt Lanter – decided to share her experience with all of you showing a picture that she made with him

and telling what happened:

It ‘s the morning of Saturday, Jan. 28 and instead of going to school I meet Matt Lanter, one of my favorite actors ever! Arrival at the hotel where the meeting materializes, they make me sit at the bar with the other winners and members of the fansites. We stand there for an hour chatting and waiting for Matt ended interviews with reporters and then finally they call us …
They drive us up to the fifth floor and make us wait a little while … they will take us in a room with a full buffet of cackes and we see him in all his splendor, with blue jeans and a white shirt and a blue sweatshirt blue and white ..
He approaches, kisses all of us and than says “Nice to meet you, I’m Matt” We tell him our names, he shake our hands and repeats them in a very funny way (so cute!).  We talked a little bit and he thing goes out? My necklace with Biteme wrote and asked me where I got it LOL.
I tell him that I chased his car for 10 minutes the night before and he asked me nicely if I did legs hurt and I was like  “obviously they hurt…” and he “but you’re good at running.”
Then he asked us how we used to see 90210 and a lady told him that we follow it on the internet and I have added “but then WE WATCH IT EVEN IN ITALIAN!” so as not to move from stuck in sand ;) Well after we chatted a little more time to photo autograph. One by one we made the turn at all. I thought it would last but it lasted a little while! In my first picture I hugged him then he looks at me and says, ‘uhh YOU ARE SO SWEET!’ and asks me if I want to do another that I take this opportunity and ask: ‘Can I Kiss You?’ and he said ‘OH YEAH SURE!’ There, that was the best moment, I felt so close to him! For me it was a really intense moment.
After the photos we went to the autographs, I did sit on the couch next to him and he asked me to spell my name, and showed me the autograph and then took it on hiss own initiative addressed the my camera, and here’s another photo!
Well I’ll stop talking, is better, but I can assure you that he is a fantastic person and very sweet, gentle forward so that I cannot explain well … but I spent some wonderful moments with him in these days and I have to thank Twilight Fans Italia for giving me this opportunity to live and own a real dream with open eyes! THANKS! ‘

That’sit, she really enjoyed! Again congratulations for her victory and we give you all meet at the next contest :)

we renew our thanks to 20th Century Fox and MilleEventi for making it all possible and for the courtesy with which they have welcomed us -

Jan 312011

And here, as promised, even the latest 2 videos of the evening with Matt Lanter in Milan to promote the DVD of Vampires Suck

Now you can enjoy the whole evening as us ;)

A heartfelt thanks to 20th Century Fox and MilleEventi that have allowed us to shoot the entire evening and share it with you


As promised here is the second and third parts of the evening :)

Soon the last two so the evening will be complete and you can claim to have lived it with us ;)


To all those who wanted to be there but for various reasons couldn’t get to Milan to attend the Vampires Suck event with the beautiful Matt Lanter me want to give you the videos we made during the meeting in intergral and not retouched version so you can relive the those moments that we lived on Friday night :)

Let’s start with a little taste

Not a bad boy eh?! Soon we’ll show you others so stay with us ;)

Jan 292011

Good morning vamps,

last night we said goodbye to you with the very first pictures taken by our correspondent on the ground Moki77, Pinkpunk83 and GaiaB86 at the event held in Milan to promote “Vampires Suck“‘s DVD, host Matt Lanter.

Today we show you these very splendid images taken by our special Pink showing the beauty of Matt:


Thanks a lot to our Agents 007!!!!!!

IMPORTANT: if you decide to share the photos with other people, please mention the source, tthey are our own exclusive!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 282011


Here’s the first pics of the evening with Matt Lanter!!!!!

Thanks a lot to our reporter!!!!!!

IMPORTANT: pics are our property so if you decide to take them you are please to link us. THANK YOU!!!!!!!


Top news from our correspondents in the field Moki77, GaiaB86 and PinkPunk83 at Vampires Suck event in Milan with guest Edward Sullen of the parody, Matt Lanter.

No pictures for now but our reporter says that the actor has arrived, which has granted few interviews to the press and were able to attend. First Look: Matt is very nice and very beautiful!

We’re waiting for further news!!!!!

Jan 242011

Thanks to 20th Century Fox some time ago we at Twilight Fans Italia along with other Italian fansites have had the opportunity to ask a few questions to Jenn Proske, Becca in the parody of the Twilight Saga Vampires Suck.

Here the complete interview:

1. Which scene from the movie was the funniest for you? And which scene was the funniest to shoot?

There are so many to choose from!  One of the funniest scenes to shoot was the one where I’m in the Baby Bjorn (baby carrier) on my Dad’s stomach. It was pretty ridiculous to walk around strapped to his chest and all of the cast and crew kept laughing while we were filming it. It was hard to be serious when you’re body is in such a silly physical situation.

2. How did you feel starring in this movie with Matt Lanter and Chris Riggi?

I felt honored to be working with Matt and Chris.  They’re both incredibly talented, wonderful guys and good friends of mine now. Plus it wasn’t hard to pretend to be in a love triangle with them…have you seen how good looking they are?

3. Do you prefer Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner?

That’s a hard one!  I think if I could have Taylor’s abs on Rob’s body, that would be amazing.

4. What was your first impression of the ‘Vampires Suck’ script after reading it?

I laughed so much! I loved the script right away and was incredibly excited to see how we would end up filming it.  I have to admit though, I
was very nervous as well.  It was my first movie and after I read the script, I knew I was going to be under a lot of pressure to help make the
movie a success.

Nov 092010

Dear vamps,

our sweet Anto21 was a few weeks ago at the convention in Birmingham, Eternal Twilight 4.

And she decided to share with us her experience by sending us an account of what lived in those magical days, all linked by beautiful photos.

(click to enlarge):

After Twiprom in Londra experience, I decided to attend another event dedicated to the Twilight saga and organized by Masiveevents: ET 4 ( Eternal Twilight) in Birmingham, a convention lasting three days. Unlike Twiprom, as well as the ET4 last a day longer, has more guest stars and fans of participants (about 800), which means that the possibility of having direct contact with the actors is reduced. In February 2010 were announced the names of the actors who have taken part in the convention, including Peter Facinelli, my favorite Cullen … I was very happy! Unfortunately, just as the event date approached the defections started, before those of Jodelle Ferland, Cameron Bright and Alez Meraz, and finally one that has saddened many fans of Twilight, “Carlisle”. Of course, all due to commitments on the set of actors, and therefore perfectly understandable, but equally disappointing for Twilighters. However, on October 22th I left for England. In the early afternoon I arrived at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, where ET4 took place, and I immediately made the registration. Among the four types of passes available, I opted for a Silver that gave me the opportunity to participate in all dances, Q & A and included photos and autographs. While I was in line I met Stefania and Camilla, known at the Italian convention in Rome and together we went into the dealers room. There were photographs, many gadgets, t-shirts, candy, jewelry and great shoes converse model with designs inspired by Meyer‘s books.

At 7pm there was the opening ceremony and actors invited were presented: Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Julia Jones, BooBoo Stewart, Leah Gibson. Little surprise last-minute Kirsten Prout also gave packages but in her place came Charley Bewley and Gil Birmingham. A total of seven players in the saga!

In the evening the first theme-prom: Bella and Edward’s wedding. The hall was decorated with tables, flowers, wedding cake, all of which had to think about the wedding party of Bella and Edward. Some of the actors became evident but were few in the audience. At the ball I went with Stefania and Camilla, and I have also found here Alessia and Eleanor, too, known in Rome. The party was nice, but nothing extraordinary. The next morning I spent dividing photographs and autographs. Gil Birmingham and BooBoo Stewart were very nice, they both remember our meeting at the convention in Rome, greeted me warmly. In the afternoon I participated in various Q & A that have been divided into multiple sessions with two or three players at a time. I relay love Q & A because actors are on stage, joking and relaxed, but also told funny stories regarding the achievement of the film. Gil Birmingham has said on several occasions that his favorite movie is Twilight at the moment, because it was the first, with a low budget and because C. Hardwicke did a great job. In addition, Gil and Chaske revealed to be friends a long time, Chaske said that Gil is his mentor. The “poor” Julia was sitting between them and the two “boys” have taken a bit of sight, in a joking way.

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