Feb 282012

Here what happens when you look back to old phoos…

These ones we’re going to show you, are some I took during Twilight press conference at 2008 Rome Film Festival, with Catherine Hardwicke, Robert and Kristen.

Feel free to take them, basically you have to credit us and DON’T cut off tags ;)
Apologize if they’re a bit big, but in the past someone stole our picture, so for one, everybody pay the bill.





Oct 152011

After Bill, Guri, Pat and Alex, today was Bronson turn for the usual panel… but with a touch of originality! Wolfie guy did his session among the audience instead of doing it on the stage!

So nice!

Remember: when our super reporters Moki and Gaia come back home, we will get a resume and many HQ pictures!

Oct 142011

Our beautiful Moki77 and GaiaB86 are these days at the convention in Bonn, Ring Con, which are also guests some Twilight actors Alex Meraz, Guri Weinberg, Patrick Brennan and Bill Tangradi. Here’s the very first images that come to us by the panel:

Stay tuned for further updates!!

Sep 072011

20th Century Fox doesn’t stop to give us some amazing surprises thanks to Water for Elephants Italian DVD release!

After new clips and charity auction, since yesterday, on Italian official Facebook page  - Come l’Acqua per gli Elefanti – until 13rd September, DVD and Blu-Ray release date, it’s possible see unpublished images and clips (from movie, backstage and extra). So, click on “Like” to be kept live updated on your FB homepage!

Thanks to Fox and Stella for precious help.

Sep 012011

Thanks to 20th Century Fox and Stella of the Press Office today, we can show three new unreleased clips directly from the DVD extras of Water for Elephants, out September 13th (and which we have extensively discussed here).

The first focuses on the character of Rosie, the elephant and the second on Robert Pattinson and the third about animals:

Thanks again to 20th Century Fox for the material.

Jul 122011

Last Thursday for the first time in 10 years under the sun, was held in the stunning surroundings of Trafalgar Square, the premiere of the last Harry Potter film due out in Italian theaters Wednesday, July 13th. Twilight Fans Italia also was present at this epic event and snapped some pictures of Jamie Campbell Bower, our Caius:


Jun 192011

Twilight Fans Italia was also at Twilight ItaCon2 press conference.

In Panel Room Hotel Futura in Casoria we knew a little bit better the four Convention guests: Charlie Bewley, Bill Tangradi, Guri Weinberg and the fantasy writer, close friend of Stephenie Meyer, Cassandra Clare.

In the opening, the event manager, Patricia Locche, informed us that the convention got the official character from Summit Entertainment, unique title in the whole Europe.


Chat starts with Charlie, about his audition, and tells us how was lucky to be in Canada in that moment. Another strong memory from New Moon was filming in Montepulciano.

For Bill there were any particular tough scenes in Breaking Dawn, because working with amazing people is the easy way to do everything, he would tell a little story about the set, but it is not possible. Guri jokes about the most tough thing on the set: Charlie Bewley! Seriously, he says that the most difficult thin was about filming something there weren’t because of plenty of special effects: you have to imagine the props.

The end of the saga for Charlie was different by the others two, because he was in since second movie and he could develope his character. For Bill leaving Baton Rouge was difficult, he had good times there. For Guri this was a great experience.

Jun 112011

(The update is in time, so you will find an update after another in the order in which we receive pics)

IMPORTANT: Girls at the Con have just been informed us that unfortunately for a number of commitments Peter Facinelli could not be present at the event, so it seems fair to notify you if any of you want to travel especially for him tomorrow. We regret very much: the staff and the fans are still having a great time and this is always a time to share some wonderful moments together! Do not you think??

You would have liked to to attend the ItaCon 2 in Naples, but just could not have made it and dying to know what’s going on? Don’t despair, you have us here!

This big post will be constantly updated with more info, photos and videos posted by our Moki77, Gaiab and Pinkpunk that are there :)

Let’s start with the first pic shot this morning during the queue to collect the pass:

Lets’ pass to the first pics of Bill Tangradi and Guri Weinberg at the first panel:

And finally these fabolous pics immagini-gifted by Eva-shot during the first day:

Charlie Bewley:

Cassandra Clare, The Mortal Instruments’s author:

Bill Tangradi, Charlie Bewley, Guri Weinberg and Cassandra Clare:

Bill Tangradi:

Guri Weinberg:

Welcome cocktail:

I wonder how much they enjoy … and it is only the beginning!!!!!!!!! ;-)

Jun 082011

Our dearest user Violet was in the past few days in Los Angeles on her honeymoon and had the good lucky to attend the MTV Movie Awards, and decided to share with us these photos she took in the theater, in the stage of course even Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

(click on images to see them in their actual size)

Thanks again Violet, a CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 112011

Dear vamps,

This evening we have a great exclusive for us, thanks to Sony Italia and Giulia of Kameleon.

This mini-documentary on the film Priest, the last film with the villain of Twilight James, the blond actor Cam Gigandet and directed by Scott Stewart. Three students from London were sent to Los Angeles to present their version of the trailer in front of the Priest’s film directors and producers in Hollywood. Among them is of course the sexy Cam!

The video, available exclusively on Sony Italia’s You Tube Channel, was released today and was kindly pointed out exclusively for us. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

Clicking here you can visit the official website of Priest. And a brie summary of the plot, to tease a little more your curiosity:

A warrior priest disobeys the laws of the Church, coupled with a young sheriff and a priestess (who is also a woman warrior-priest). The three come together to find traces of a group of renegade vampires who have kidnapped the nephew of the priest, before turning into one of them.

In addition to Cam Gigandet in the cast we can find Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Christopher Plummer, Brad Dourif and Steven Moyer.

To finish the article with a note reads a little fun hobby for you, there’s also a new application on Facebook (click HERE) where you can insert your picture and turn you into a vampire. ENJOY!!!!!!

Thanks a lot to Giulia and to Sony Italia.

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