Feb 082012

Carissime/i utenti,

questo piccolo post per ricordarvi e festeggiare insieme il nostro secondo anno insieme a voi. Sembra pochissimo ed invece, sono già passati due anni dal 8 Febbraio 2010, giorno della messa online di Twilight Fans Italia.

Due anni felici e pieni di amicizia, condivisione di passioni comuni, scambi di opinioni (sempre civili), momenti memorabili!!!!

Tutto questo solo per ringraziare voi, che siete il motore di questo sito, che tenete vivo ogni santo giorno con i vostri commenti, le vostre chat, il vostro sconfinato affetto per ogni cosa che va anche al di fuori della Saga, GRAZIE dal profondo del nostro cuore per essere stati con noi tutto questo tempo e GRAZIE per tutto quello che fate continuamente per noi,  siete voi a darci la forza!!!!

Il ringraziamento va ad ognuno di voi, UNO PER UNO!!!!!!

Un grazie speciale anche a tutto lo staff che rende possibile tutto questo!!! Niente nomi perchè siamo tantissimi e rischieremo di dimenticare qualcuno: SACRILEGIOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Uno solo che non abbiamo mai nominato e che merita invece tutta la nostra devozione: Lynette, senza di lei il sito non sarebbe potuto tornare online dopo quei brutti mesi passati offline per colpa di un virus…Grazie mille Lynette, per noi sei davvero un angelo caduto dal cielo!!!


-Lo Staff-

Dec 242011

MERRY CHRISTMAS dear vamps!!!

This morning we can not but make a special gift: placeholders created by our wonderful PinkPunk83 and legendary Ale with their fantasy that they decided to create these personal, and of course Twilight theme, place cards that will decorate your holidays table! !

Just click on what you want to print and then save it, what are you waiting for ?????

Nov 182011

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

Oct 192011

Also this year we have had the chance to reach Germany – and more precisely the enchanting Bonn – to attending Ring Con 2011 and – as by now our habit – we have thought about sharing with you the most beautiful moments through images and small anecdotes :)

Let’s start to say that of our beloved Saga there were Guri Weinberg, Bill Tangradi, Alex Meraz, Bronson Pellettier and Patrick Brennan, old knowledges and new pleasant meetings. Guri and Bill we met them a few months ago in Naples and has been fantastic to be able to see them again, Bill is indeed an amusement and Guri distributes pearls of great wisdom in every occasion (uhm… not really always in effects LOL),  Alex fascinating as always, Patrick, from his 2 meters high, great and acute observer with wisecrack always ready and finally enchanting Bronson was on the stage as  at his home!!

Sep 132011

Today, in Italy, is the release day for Water for Elephants DVD and Blu Ray, but it’s also last day for charity auction with Robert costumes he wore in the movie.

You have some hours yet, the bid passed 1000$. It’s a good amount to have a valuable heirloom and give help to children, isn’t it?

Refreshing memory, take a look to latest post about it.

Again, a huge thanks to Fox and Stella.

Sep 102011

Wonderful news for all the twi shopping addicted!

Today it is with great pleasure that we introduce a new section of our small Forks Shopping Center dedicated to the sensational Canvas Warriors!

Sandira Reddy, with the collaboration of Afy Saleh, produces wonderful gadgets Twilight theme, from popular Converse All Star hand-painted with any design inspired by the saga you wish, whether you’re Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Bella or Team Volturi (and Alice, Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, Carlisle, Seth… well, everyone !!!), as well as valuable items of jewelry and beautiful and very warm (for winter…;-)) hoodies.

Unleash your imagination visiting then for all info the page of Forks Shopping Center dedicated to them and contacting Canvas Warriors for your requests!

And for all Twilight Fans Italia users there will be also a little surprise marked Canvas Warriors!


A heartfelt thanks to the wonderful Sandira!

Sep 072011

20th Century Fox doesn’t stop to give us some amazing surprises thanks to Water for Elephants Italian DVD release!

After new clips and charity auction, since yesterday, on Italian official Facebook page  - Come l’Acqua per gli Elefanti – until 13rd September, DVD and Blu-Ray release date, it’s possible see unpublished images and clips (from movie, backstage and extra). So, click on “Like” to be kept live updated on your FB homepage!

Thanks to Fox and Stella for precious help.

Sep 022011

And after Water For Elephants‘s exclusive clips from DVD (HERE) release on Sept. 13th, thanks to Stella from 20th Century Fox Press Office today we can show you two new clips from the movie.

The first shows the conversation between Jacob/Robert and August/Christoph as soon as the young veterinarian jumped on the train of the Benzini Brothers, the second one concerns the presentation of the great elephant Rosie.


Thanks again to 20th Century Fox for the material.

On our You Tube channel you can also review many other scenes of the film and that we had shown a few months ago on the occasion of the Italian film, again courtesy of Fox.

Do not forget the wonderful auction charity initiative that puts the costume worn by Robert Pattinson on the set of the film, all the info HERE.

Sep 022011

We had announced and here it is the surprise you’ve been waiting eagerly. Also thanks to 20th Century Fox we can announce an initiative that we will leave you breathless. In fact, from September 3rd to 13th will be an auction of costumes worn by Robert Pattinson on the set of Water for Elephants, his latest film, inspired by the homonymous novel by Sara Gruen. All proceeds will be donated to charity on behalf of four international aid organizations.
This is what the press office tells us:

The online charity auction is organized internationally by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. The auction will be the delicious fetish costume Robert Pattinson in Water for Elephants, the same shirt in the poster of the film and portrayed on the cover of the DVD and Blu-ray.

The proceeds will be donated in support of four international aid organizations such as World Cancer Charity, Save the Children, UNICEF and ActionAid.

Defined for two consecutive years by People “sexiest man alive” and by Vanity Fair, “The most beautiful man in the world,” Robert Pattinson is the most desired man of the moment and the shaft of his costume is an unmissable opportunity to all his many fans, for those who loved the book and the film and for all collectors of objects and costumes!
To learn more about it, partcipate and follow the auction you can follow the Official Facebook page HERE.

What are you waiting Robert Addicted?? The beautiful Roberto’s shirt could be yours!

Thanks a lot to Stella of 20th Century Fox for the tip.

Sep 012011

Thanks to 20th Century Fox and Stella of the Press Office today, we can show three new unreleased clips directly from the DVD extras of Water for Elephants, out September 13th (and which we have extensively discussed here).

The first focuses on the character of Rosie, the elephant and the second on Robert Pattinson and the third about animals:

Thanks again to 20th Century Fox for the material.

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